Woodstock High School


Varsity Choir:

  • Black formal wear provided by the school
    • Guys- tuxedos
    • Women- long black gowns. 
    • Student’s responsibility:
      • Men- black shoes and socks. 
      • Women- black closed toed shoes with a lower heel.

Madrigal Singers:

  • Costume and had provided by the school. 
  • Guys and gals black dress shoes.

Jazz Choir:

  • Costume provided by the school:
  • Guys-black dress shoes,
  • Gals- black character shoes with a heel of no more than 11/2 inches.

Treble Concert Choir and Women’s Chorus:

  • Choir robe provided by the school. 
  • Under the robe women should have a dress or skirt above the knees or a pair of dress shorts. 
  • Women’s top should be a dressy shirt or blouse that is short sleeved or longer. 
  • Shoes- black closed toe shoes

Men’s Chorus:

  • Black button down long sleeved dress shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes/socks
  • Colorful tie



Varsity Band

  • Men: Tuxedos (Issued)
  • Women: Formal Dress (Issued)

Symphonic Band

  • Men: White shirt, black pants, black socks, black shoes
  • Women: White shirt, black pants/skirt, black shoes

Jazz Ensemble/Lab

  • Men: Collared shirt, blue jeans, sports coat
  • Women: Colorful dress

Pep Band:  All: Blue jeans, pep band windbreaker (Issued)

Pit Orchestra:   All black



Concert:  All black

Varsity:  All black

Chamber:  All black